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  • 01 December 2022
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We are committed to providing outstanding service to people with disabilities — and want everyone to be able to access an account, pay a bill on the go, make an investment, manage a business, or learn more about a product or service.

What support would be available to you in the workplace if you joined Sumoud Al Amidah (specifically related to your disability and/or long-term health condition)? Support can come from your Line Manager and/or Human Resources (HR). On your own, or with your Line Manager and/or HR, you can also speak to our Disability Action Center.

Sumoud Al Amidah Disability Action Center can provide confidential support in the workplace. They can listen to individual challenges, discuss possible work place adjustments and share information on the resources available to you. They can also work with you and your Line Manager and/or HR regarding workplace support.

The Sumoud Al Amidah provide employees, with and without disabilities and/or long-term health conditions, an open forum for discussion about the subject area. It also enables the sharing of experience and advice whilst helping to raise awareness of various disabilities and health related topics in the wider Sumoud Al Amidah.

The advice and resources available across the organization can then be used to understand the adjustments/accommodations you require, enabling you to overcome any challenges and perform in your role.

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