We value and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of our business and at every level of our organization

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

  • 01 December 2022
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Meeting the increasingly diverse needs of Sumoud customer base is critical for our company’s long-term growth and success. We’re committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by helping ensure that all people across our workforce, our communities, and our supply chain feel valued and respected and have equal access to resources, services, products, and opportunities to succeed.

We define diversity as the unique combination of various dimensions that makes each of us different from and similar to others. Those dimensions can include — but are not be limited to — age, gender, ethnic heritage, race, physical or mental abilities, sexual orientation, values, religion/spiritual practice, income, family status, education, and geographic location.

Our approach

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy provides common direction and clear goals across Wells Fargo. We focus on three areas:

Workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive for a culture with inclusive policies and programs that attract, develop, engage, and retain the best talent.
Marketplace. We integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into the business decisions we make every day, including how to increase work with diverse vendors and suppliers.

Advocacy. We demonstrate leadership and commitment through our interactions in both the workplace and in our communities.

Our structure Diversity, Equity & Inclusion councils support our lines of business and international leaders to help implement programs and initiatives. Employee Resource Networks are an integral part of our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive culture. They are a place for employees to connect, leverage, learn, build their skills, and impact business outcomes.

To implement diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of our business, we collaborate with key internal partners including Human Resources, Public Affairs, Marketing, and Corporate Communications. Diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders across the company help to strategically implement inclusive practices and behaviors.

Measurement To create accountability and measure progress, diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics are reported in the annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report.

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